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    Gas Work Notification

    As of April 2005, the government has made it legally binding on us to inform Corgi every time we install or exchange a gas appliance. As we have to pay for this and it takes time to do all the “paperwork” we need to charge you £40 + VAT for the cost of each notification.

    Please note that we are required to notify them of the date we did the work with the address and the Post code.

    Part L of the building Regulations: These regulations were instituted to help us conserve energy and reduce the CO2 emissions.

    This means that when doing a new installation we need to fit a high efficiency boiler where necessary. In some cases these new boilers (see above) cannot be installed. There is a point scoring system to establish if it is impossible to install one of these new boilers.

    New controls must be fitted to increase efficiency especially Thermostatic Control Valves (TRVs) to the radiators. It also demands that heating controls such as room thermostats, hot water thermostats and programmers are installed to minimise energy loss. This may mean extra work to your installation in addition to a straight new boiler exchange.

    Part P of the building Regulations: As of the first of January 2005 new regulations came into force.

    These regulations mean that only competent people can touch your electrical installation in your house. You can change a plug but that is about all.

    Thus, We may need to have an electrician help us with an installation.

    We maintain and service boilers: New boilers need annual servicing. They are much more complicated than traditional boilers. If they are not maintained properly this can lead to break downs. Boiler manufacturers all expect annual maintenance of their products.

    Open Flued Boilers (boilers using Chimneys)

    Changes to legislation mean that using open flues (Chimneys) are discouraged. The testing of these flues is much more rigorous and time consuming than testing balanced (through the wall flues). Please note if you have an open flue the new regulations may require more ventilation in the room where the boiler is located which will mean that vents will need to be made in the external walls.

    Fanned Flues: A fanned flue is a pipe leading from the back of the boiler straight outside. These flues draw in air and expel the combustion flue gases from the same pipe (it has an inner and out tube). These are much easier to test when it comes to annual servicing. Older systems have balanced flues which are similar.

    Gas Fires: The new legislation relating to these is extremely demanding. We can issue Landlord Certificates for these. However, we have decided that we can no longer install gas fires. This is best done by a specialist firm.

    We have chosen The Bespoke Gas Fire Company Ltd to do this work. 0208 952 6722

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